LabFlame basic RF

CHF 698.00


The Laboratory Gas Burner with Embedded Radio Technology. LabFlame Basic RF - Safety laboratory gas burner with wireless radio foot pedal.

Safety enhanced laboratory bunsen burner 

The LabFlame basic  represents a new standard among laboratory gas burners. With its innovative design this laboratory gas burner is suitable for all flame related applications in the laboratory.

  • Safe gas use
  • Bench, Field and Laminar Flow use
  • Fully stainless steel body
  • Inclination
  • Automatic switch off

Security bunsen burner

The LabFlame is optimized for use in microbiology laboratories. Its stainless steel housing is made of one piece, free of any gaps or rims and therefore easy to clean and fully UV resistant. Its optimized air-flow system allows a uniform and constant flame. Connectable to any kind of gas sources.