CO2 Incubator 8600

CO2 Incubator 8600

Product#: NU-8600E
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NU-8600 series

In-VitroCell ES NU-8600 5.65 cu. ft. 160L) Water Jacketed CO2 Incubator


The InVitroCell™ ES (Energy Saver) model NU-8600 is a CO2 Incubator that uses heated water that surrounds the growth chamber to created uniform temperature conditions for cell culture growth. Water Jacket model NU-8600 also uses an IR sensor to maintain proper CO2 gas levels and produces a humidified environment up to 95% perfect for mammalian cell studies.


  • Electronic Control System
  • Precise CO2 Control
  • Closed-Loop HEPA Filtration
  • Clean Design
  • Vibration-Free Construction
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Faster Recovery Times