Nomad tester Coliform liquids

CHF 197.00


The Nomad Coliform tests for liquids was delevoped to reliably detect microbial contaminations through coliform and fecal bacteria without the need for a complete laboratory.

The uncomplicated application enables use after  a short introduction, while the results are still comparable to those of a laboratory.


The germ count tester for liquids simplify the routine microbiological analysis of liquids on microbes.

Easy to use:

Simply add a small sample of liquid to the pre-sterilized sample.

No special equipment is required which makes the Nomad ideal for test series or spot checks.

It is easy to store and remains stable for 12 months at room temperature.

No wasted time:

Incubation begins within a few minutes after sampling and there is no need to transport the sample to a lab.